Quick Fixes for Common Concerns

For an optimal experience, we recommend using Google’s Chrome browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

Here are answers to common questions:

The video is not playing
Some browsers require you to press "Play" to view our livestreams.
You can also try refreshing your browser.

The video is playing but I am not hearing the audio
Some browsers automatically mute audio. Hover over the playback window to see if an "Unmute" button appears.
Check your speakers and then try refreshing your browser.

The video is blurry or fuzzy
Give it a moment. Livestream video typically becomes sharper after about a minute of buffering.
If the image remains unclear, you may be experiencing internet bandwidth issues.

The presenter's slides are too small to read
Maximize your browser window for a larger view. On most mobile devices, you will find a full screen button if you tap on the video.
Also remember that you can download the handouts.

Where are the handouts?
They can be just above the session chat window, and are also available in the resource center.
Clicking on the handout link will not disrupt the livestream video you are watching.

Will this be available later?
Yes, sessions will be available on demand following the conclusion of the event.