Case Study: How Spin Media Measures Social Media ROI

September 23rd, 2015

Prerequisite: None

Charlene Dipaola

Sr. Director of Data and Growth

Spin Media

Spin Media holds a huge portfolio of music and pop-culture media sites, from trusted brands such as Spin and Vibe magazines to fast-growing brands like Stereogum and Death and Taxes. Social media drives more than half or the traffic for most media properties. A solid social media strategy is essential for continuous growth. However, social media is a volatile channel—one that requires a tricky combination of creativity and metrics.

In this presentation, Charlene Dipaola will discuss how Spin Media uses a combination of MySQL, Tableau, Google Analytics API, Facebook API, and other sources to measure and track social media performance. Attendees will learn how Spin combines the data to create measurable, trackable, and actionable insights for continuous improvement. Dipaola will share the formulas they currently use for social media success metrics such as ROI, engagement rate, and other metrics that are most valued to the social media, marketing, and executive teams.