The Master Data Marketplace: A Model for Success

September 22nd, 2015

Prerequisite: None

Frank Cerwin

Director of Data Architecture & Data Services


The key attributes that analytics requires to accurately link customers to locations, products, and other customers across transactions, events, and communications are called master data (MDM). Even big data would offer limited insights without quality master data to provide context. Unfortunately many enterprises have struggled to sustain and grow their MDM programs. The “Master Data Marketplace” is a unique model for implementing a durable MDM solution that was developed from 20 years of experience with successful MDM programs at two Fortune 500 companies. Drawing upon business concepts, the model was created to operate an MDM program that pays for itself.

This session will provide you with a guided tour of the model.

You will learn:

  • Creating a multi-domain MDM solution using supply chain concepts
  • Using MDM to bridge transactional applications to analytical applications
  • How to operate an MDM program as an internal service business
  • Successful marketing strategies to increase MDM adoption across the enterprise
  • How to recover the cost of running your MDM solution