Canadian National Railways Rides Automation to Better Customer Service and Safety

September 22nd, 2015

Prerequisite: None

Alain Bond

Manager, Business Intelligence

Canadian National Railway

In every organization, the reality we are all facing is various degrees of shadow IT within business units that are driven to deliver point solutions faster than IT typically delivers. While fostering the concept of governed self-service and empowering our power users with even more efficient and autonomous data discovery, we should also construct an “alternate development path” within IT that should not be the typical slow, fat, and heavy process requiring tons of upfront documents and analysis before even showing any glimpse of value to our end users.

In 2014, IT at Canadian National Railways redefined its BI strategy, within which we clearly understood the need to serve data much faster for analysis, adhoc, or discovery purposes, without jeopardizing our long-term enterprise information ecosystem. To aid in delivering BI initiatives, Canadian National Railways introduced automated and iterative rapid prototyping capabilities that enabled a revolutionary, game-changing approach to development. ETL development as we know it is dead.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Canadian National Railways’ experience in introducing automated, iterative rapid prototyping within its agile methodology and how it is changing the game
  • How prototyping aided and enhanced delivery velocity and clarity in the early phases of an agile process
  • How we established a good business partnership and built credibility early with our customers and kept them engaged
  • The importance of balance and governance between prototypes and industrialized solutions
  • How more timely access to data will enable Canadian Railway to further improve customer service and safety