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Reach Your Analytics Goals Faster.
TDWI Accelerate.

We’ve reached an inflection point with analytics and there’s no going back. Smartly developed and applied analytics programs are driving business value, enhancing operations, enriching customer experiences, and much more.

Predictive analytics and data visualization have become must-haves, business users are hungry for more self-service, and data science is increasing in popularity and importance. Now is the time to take your analytics practice to the next level if you intend to compete in today’s marketplace.

TDWI Accelerate Helps You Reach Your Analytics Goals Faster. We’re Bringing Together the Leading Minds in Analytics to Share:

  • How to develop a culture that nourishes and sustains analytics projects and improves alignment with business objectives
  • Real-world insights into how you can get the most out of advanced analytics, including predictive, prescriptive, and more
  • Best practices for self-service visual analytics and data discovery to benefit a wider spectrum of users
  • How to gain value from data science and big data analytics
  • Best practices for building successful analytics and data science teams
  • What’s next in analytics, and more

FACT: 95% of past attendees would recommend a TDWI conference to their colleagues.

TDWI’s New Three Day Event Format, Accelerate, Provides a Unique Learning Experience to Help Your Organization Achieve its Analytics Objectives

TDWI Accelerate offers carefully selected case study presentations, expert sessions, panel discussions, half-day courses, a broad range of structured and unstructured networking opportunities, and unique opportunities to survey the latest analytics technologies.

Self-Service Analytics & Data Visualization

The language of images, data storytelling, democratization, and data preparation.

Discover courses to get you to your goals faster:

  • Becoming a Data Head: How to Visualize, Interpret, and Challenge Data

    Jordan Goldmeier

    This course will teach you how to make better decisions with your data—to become the “data head” in your organization. Data heads are people who know how to think critically about data. They know how to communicate data and results effectively with data visualizations and they know when to trust data and when to question it.

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  • Selecting the Right Analytics Tools for Your Organization

    John Myers

    If you don’t know the trick, there is little difference between magic and science. Modern organizations push the envelope of business analytics to the point where analytical insights must be both magical and scientific—not just as a technological concept, but also as a business requirement.

    This course describes product evaluation criteria and processes to help you select the tools that best match your organization’s business analytics strategy. You’ll be better able to deliver on both the magic and the science of business analytics with tools that meet today’s requirements and readily adapt to tomorrow’s changes.

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  • Techniques for Exploratory and Expository Analysis Using Data Visualization Tools

    Bill Saltmarsh

    There are two primary aspects of being an effective data visualization professional. First, it is important to use a set of statistical-based techniques.

    This course will teach you the importance of these techniques and how they should provide the ability to initially explore a data set via a prescribed series of graphical analyses. Secondly, transforming data into impactful and minimalist visualizations is the best way to convey meaning to an audience. In the field of data visualization, the concept of ‘less is more’ is best practice, and it allows whoever is consuming the visualization the best opportunity to gain insight from the data.

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Advanced Analytics & Data Science

Predictive analytics, data mining, tool selection, internet of things, advanced algorithms, cognitive, and more.

Discover courses to get you to your goals faster:

  • Innovative Techniques for Advanced Analytics

    Mike Lampa

    The world of advanced analytics is about developing solutions that closely simulate the way humans think. The key is capability to assimilate massive volumes of diverse information, observe countless permutations of data points, and discover meaningful patterns and trends. Traditional BI practices struggle to realize “the art of the possible” that is the promise of advanced analytics.

    In this course, we’ll look at proven innovative processes to enable the fast-paced, dynamic, and sometimes chaotic nature of advanced analytics projects. We’ll explore creative ways to weave advanced analytics into the fabric of enterprise decision making, both strategic and tactical.

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  • An Overview of Predictive Analytics for Practitioners

    Dean Abbott

    Predictive analytics (PA) has emerged as a “go to” approach to creating data-driven business decisions. The science of PA is not new nor are the algorithms commonly used in PA.

    This course will provide a practitioner’s overview to PA, including popular predictive models and best practices around model implementation. The session will cover the six stages of predictive analytics projects as defined in CRISP-DM, the Cross Industry Process Model for Data Mining. Each stage is described from the analyst’s perspective, providing insights into what the science tells us about each stage and what art is needed to aid analysts in making good decisions about building actionable predictive models.

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  • Data Preparation: Techniques and Tools for Analytics-Ready Data

    Aaron Fuller

    The once simple world of data preparation—ETL for operational data integration—has become increasingly complex. Terms such as data wrangling and data blending indicate some of the challenges. The exciting world of analytics doesn’t work well until the data is ready for meaningful analysis. The scope of big data, the variety of data uses, and the emergence of business-friendly data visualization and analysis tools all contribute to the complexity.

    Learn about the tools and techniques that can help individuals and teams—both business and technical—to cleanse, combine, format, and sample data for analytics.

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Analytical Organization & Leadership

Organizing and building teams for success, developing your analytics culture, and making it happen.

Discover courses to get you to your goals faster:

  • The Secrets of Analytical Leaders: The Keys to Succeeding with BI and Analytics

    Wayne Eckerson

    How do you bridge the worlds of business and technology? How do you harness big data for business gain? How do you deliver value from analytical initiatives? Based on Wayne’s book, Secrets of Analytical Leaders: Insights from Information Insiders, this session will unveil the success secrets of top information leaders from companies such as Zynga, Netflix, US Xpress, Nokia, Capital One, Kelley Blue Book, and Blue KC, among others. The session will cover both the “soft stuff” of people, processes, and projects and the “hard stuff” of architecture, tools, and data required to create and sustain a successful analytics program.

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  • Creating an Analytically Driven Enterprise: Implementing an Analytics Program

    Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D.

    Analytics has become the darling of vendors, consultants, and the press. In addition, data scientists are now highly sought after. Yet, the adoption rate for analytics and BI is still hovering between 20 and 30% in most enterprises. What is the problem? How can we improve the adoption of these critical decision support functions? What is needed to implement a successful analytics program?

    These are some of the questions to be answered in this timely presentation by Dr. Claudia Imhoff. Getting an analytics program up and running requires several considerations.

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  • Serious Play for Predictive Analytics: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why

    Sandra Hendren

    This one-day vendor-neutral session will prepare analytic practitioners and functional managers to make sense of predictive modeling and take control of the analytic process. We’ll introduce the foundation for data-intensive analytic projects that deliver insight, clarity, confidence, and actionable decision support.

    Live demonstrations will illustrate how organizational practitioners can effectively maneuver the natural messiness of advanced analytics. Attendees will realize that true impact with predictive analytics has far more to do with the overall management of a project team and strategic process than with the tactical skills of a data scientist.

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  • Claudia Imhoff, Ph.D. President and Founder
    Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
  • Dean Abbott Co-Founder/Chief Data Scientist
  • John Myers Managing Research Director
    Enterprise Management Associates
  • Bill Saltmarsh Analytics Engineer
  • Aaron Fuller Principal
    Superior Data Strategies, LLC

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