TDWI Solution Summit: Cloud BI

Scalable, Cost-Effective BI Solutions on Clouds

Cloud solutions promise advantages for business intelligence (BI), data warehousing (DW), and analytics. According to users’ responses to TDWI’s cloud survey, various types of clouds can provide automatic scalability and generous capacity for booming big data, analytic workloads, and departmental BI, while also reducing capital expenditures and administrative costs.

But there are many details that BI professionals need to understand before embracing clouds. There are multiple types of clouds, with varying applicability to BI purposes. Public and private clouds have pros and cons that vary per application. Most clouds are designed and optimized for application servers, whereas most BI professionals need optimization for database management systems and analytic applications. Support for clouds in vendor products varies widely. Furthermore, BI best practices relative to clouds are just now coalescing, especially those for security, governance, and data integration.

At the TDWI Solution Summit for Cloud BI, you will gain strategic, real-world guidance for implementing BI, DW, and analytics on clouds of various types. Through expert sessions and user case studies, you’ll learn the business value of BI in various cloud scenarios, which you’ll need in order to make a business case for your own cloud usage.

Complimentary for Qualified Attendees

The TDWI Solution Summit is a two-day event geared to senior business and technology leaders who approve or recommend platforms for BI, DW, and analytics and are planning to move all or part of their BI/DW portfolio to a cloud-based platform in the next 12 months.

Every qualified business and IT decision maker receives free hotel and conference registration. Attendees are responsible for covering transportation costs. Registration is limited to 100 attendees to ensure an intimate learning environment.

Perspectives from Industry Experts

The TDWI Solution Summit features presentations from a variety of executives and practitioners who have done the work themselves and have real-life stories and insight to share. Learn best practices and pitfalls of cloud BI from industry experts who’ve been there.

What You'll Learn

At the Solution Summit, you will learn to use various types of clouds to improve the flexibility, performance, and costs of solutions for BI, DW, and analytics. You will also learn about:

  • Defining cloud BI for today and tomorrow
  • Trends and market statistics about cloud BI
  • Business reasons for taking BI solutions onto clouds
  • The economics of cloud and SaaS
  • Cloud BI security, privacy, and governance
  • Data integration in the cloud
  • Public, private, and hybrid clouds and applicability of each to BI
  • BI and data warehouse architectures involving clouds
  • Big data and other emerging technologies on clouds
  • Strategies for success using cloud BI
Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

TDWI has an 18-year track record of providing in-depth, high-quality education, training, and research to the BI community. We’ve built our reputation on delivering objective, vendor-neutral advice to business and IT professionals who need to deliver positive results quickly. The TDWI Solution Summit continues this tradition by offering superb content in an interactive setting with a qualified executive audience, all of which is designed to maximize your time out of the office. So why wait? Qualify for your complimentary invitation now!

TDWI is accepting applications to attend the event through September 25, 2013. Upon approval, we will provide additional details regarding event registration, hotel accommodations, etc.

Please be advised that space is limited to 100 attendees.