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TDWI Solution Summit:
Big Data Analytics for Accelerated Business Advantage

Join an exclusive, hosted gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought leaders, and top solution providers for real-world tips and best practices to help you harness the power of big data analytics.

Big data analytics is about uncovering business opportunities. Many of the winners in today’s competitive markets get there—and stay there—by being superlative in how they analyze data, unearth new insights, and apply them to critical situations. Never before has so much data been available for business analysis, including internal, external, structured, and unstructured sources. Clickstreams from websites, social media, blogs and comments, contact center interactions, machine data, and enormous real-time event and transaction flows can be the raw material for innovative products and services. The key is to align technology, best practices, and analytic strategies with the business objectives your organization seeks to accomplish.

Big data analytics can enable organizations to make smarter decisions faster. By connecting sophisticated analysis of data with your organization’s people and processes in near real time, you can execute on decisions when it is most advantageous. However, analytics is only part of what you need. Good analytics for big data requires data architectures that meld together newer NoSQL technologies, including Hadoop, MapReduce, and more, with well-engineered relational data warehouses and business intelligence. Analytics also benefits from data visualization and data discovery platforms that make it easier for nontechnical users to grasp information insights.

By attending the TDWI Solution Summit for Big Data Analytics, you will learn about technologies and practices that can dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, delays in turning information into insight. You will hear case studies, expert sessions, and thought-leadership panel discussions about how to employ big data analytics to become a data-driven, proactive, and predictive organization.

Complimentary for Qualified Attendees

The TDWI Solution Summit is geared to senior business and technology leaders who approve or recommend BI and analytical systems and solutions that run against large and complex data sets, and who are planning a project in the next 12 months.

Every qualified business and IT decision maker receives free hotel and conference registration. Attendees are responsible for covering transportation costs. Registration is limited to 100 attendees to ensure an intimate learning environment.

Gain Perspectives from the Experts

The TDWI Solution Summit features presentations from executives and practitioners who have done big data analytics and have real-world stories and insights to share. Learn best practices and how to avoid pitfalls in using big data analytics technologies such as very large data warehouses, predictive data mining, data visualization, Hadoop, MapReduce, customer analytics, social media analytics, and more.

What You'll Learn

At the TDWI Solution Summit, you will learn how to break new ground in applying analytics to match the speed of business in today’s competitive markets. Keynotes and panel sessions will give you a clear view of important trends and developments to help you set your technology strategy for big data analytics. Topics will include:

  • How to gain business advantages by matching analytical power with the volume and variety of data available to your organization
  • Technology options and best practices for reducing the latency between when data is captured and when it can be consumed by users for BI and analytics
  • Data visualization, data discovery, and other key innovations critical for nontechnical users to apply their subject matter expertise to big data
  • How to get the most business value out of predictive analytics, data mining, and other advanced analytics for customer insight and process improvement
  • Best practices and technology choices for pulling analytical insight out of massive stores of unstructured data and text, including social media and machine data
  • And more...
Don’t Miss This Opportunity!

TDWI has a 16-year track record of providing in-depth, high-quality education, training, and research for professionals who direct, manage, and implement business intelligence, analytics, data warehousing, and data management technology. We’ve built our reputation on delivering objective, vendor-neutral guidance to business and IT professionals who need to deliver positive results quickly. The TDWI Solution Summit continues this tradition by offering expert content in an interactive setting with a qualified audience of your peers. Our goal is to maximize your time out of the office. Act now and apply today. Spots for qualified attendees will fill up quickly.

TDWI is accepting applications to attend the event through January 18, 2013. Following the deadline, all applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by January 27 if they have been approved for attendance. Upon approval, we will provide additional details regarding event registration, hotel accommodations, etc.

Please be advised that space is limited to 100 attendees. Event is open to North American companies only.