The San Diego 2012 Solution Summit is Now Over

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TDWI Solution Summit:
Big Data Analytics for Real-Time Business Advantage

Coronado Island, San Diego

Join an exclusive, hosted gathering of experienced professionals, industry thought-leaders, and top solution providers for real-world tips and best practices to help you harness the power of big data analytics.

Big data is not just big. It’s fast and diverse. It can come from online customer behavior via social media, the torrent of clickstreams across your company’s Web sites, Hadoop files, or audio files captured by contact centers. Sensors and other machines are automatically generating data and event streams, while mission-critical applications are producing transactions by the terabyte. The race is on to convert the volume, velocity, and variety of big data into information insights that your organization can use to get ahead of the competition.

Big data analytics enables organizations to make smarter decisions and execute them when it is most beneficial to the business, its customers, and its partners—such as in real time. Advanced organizations are using big data analytics to be proactive; they are deploying predictive models on event streams so that patterns, unexpected events, and more are spotted in real time. In this way, organizations are improving the speed and intelligence of their response to customer behavior, suspicious activity, or sudden disruptions in processes.

By attending the TDWI Solution Summit on big data analytics, you will learn about technologies and practices that can dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, delays in turning information into insight. You will hear case studies, expert sessions, and thought-leadership panel discussions about how to employ big data analytics to become a data-driven, proactive, and predictive organization.

Complimentary for Qualified Attendees

The TDWI Solution Summit is a two-day event geared to senior business and technology leaders who approve or recommend analytical systems and solutions that run against large data sets and who are planning a project in the next 12 months.

Every qualified business and IT decision maker receives free hotel accommodations and conference registration. Attendees are responsible for covering transportation costs. Registration is limited to 100 attendees to ensure an intimate learning environment.

Gain Perspectives from the Experts

The TDWI Solution Summit features presentations from some of the leading executives and practitioners in big data analytics. They’ve done the work themselves and have real-life stories and insights to share. Learn best practices and how to avoid pitfalls in using big data analytics technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce, predictive modeling, social media analytics, in-database processing, and more.

What You Will Learn

At the TDWI Solution Summit, you will learn how to break new ground in applying analytics to match the speed of business in today’s competitive markets. Keynotes and panel sessions will give you a clear view of important trends and developments to help you set your technology strategy for big data analytics. Topics include:

  • How to apply predictive models and scoring against fast-moving data and complex event streams for smarter decisions in real time
  • Tips for turning massive amounts of data from online customer behavior and social media activity into valuable and timely business insight
  • How to become a proactive organization by using big data analytics to speed recognition and resolution of problems in customer experiences, supply chains, and business processes
  • How to address new challenges posed by streaming data, social media data, content, and events
  • And more!