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Emerging Technologies 2013

The Information-Driven Future

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In the new big data environment that is coming to be, it’s all about volume, variety, and velocity. Data from multiple sources is arriving in large volumes on a near-continuous basis. How can you analyze it all fast enough to make informed decisions? Agile development, cloud computing, text analytics, virtualization, open source, cool BI, Web 2.0, social media, and mobile BI are evolving. New methods of working with big data, such as Hadoop and MapReduce, offer alternatives to traditional data warehousing—if you know how and when to use them.

We Promise to Deliver

  • Six days of courses covering a wide range of BI/DW topics, including BI essentials, business analytics, data analysis and design, data asset management, and leadership and management
  • Keynote presentations from Marc Demarest (Noumenal, Inc.) and Cindi Howson (BI Scorecard)
  • Vendor exhibitions featuring demonstrations of the latest BI/DW solutions from leading companies in the field
  • Opportunities to prepare for and complete BI/DW certification (CBIP) exams

Join us in Orlando to learn about emerging technologies you can put to use immediately—as well as those on the horizon for 2013—to help you deal with the data deluge.

A TDWI Forum

Orlando, FL // November 12–13, 2012

Co-located with the TDWI Orlando World Conference

Emerging Technology Strategies for Big Data Analytics
  • Learn how to meet the business objectives of big data analytics from real-world case studies and expert sessions
  • See how a variety of emerging technologies can wring business value from big data, such as advanced analytics, visualization, text processing, and more
  • Discover how you can bring together Hadoop, MapReduce, and data warehousing to expand the breadth, depth, and value of business intelligence and analytics

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