There’s nothing better than getting our hands on that next new innovation, figuring it out, and putting it to work to solve new problems and add new business insights.

But what happens when it doesn’t work? What mistakes can we avoid? Fortunately, there are resources to maximize our chances of success. There are lessons to be learned.

TDWI has been offering just that guidance for nearly 20 years. When new technologies appear, our industry-leading instructors provide the thought leadership to help you evaluate and implement them. But TDWI Orlando offers so much more than the next big thing: over 45 courses covering the spectrum of BI, DW, big data, modeling, and analytics—from the fundamentals to the newest of the new. The featured track, Telling Stories through Data: Technologies and Techniques for Organizing and Visualizing Data, even includes sessions on advanced analytics, and all are suitable for both business and IT audiences.

Our unique training in a conference setting provides easy access to peers who can often offer real-world, pragmatic solutions, and to the vendor community, rich with technical knowledge and skill. Throughout the week, hear keynote presenters discuss big data management, the new role of chief data officer, the Internet of things, telling stories through data, and much more.

Keep your edge. Learn from your peers, do it right the first time, and avoid the mistakes.

Agenda Highlights

  • Advanced analytics and data science
  • Big data strategies and innovation
  • Complex data management and integration challenges
  • Data warehousing best practices
  • Data architectures, modeling, and advanced techniques
  • Technologies and innovation: BI, analytics, and big data

Featured Speakers

Marc Demarest Marc Demarest
CEO and Principal, Noumenal, Inc.

Swimming in the Cuyahoga: Data Management after Big Data
Larissa Moss
President, Method Focus Inc.

Chief Data Officer: Expanding the C-Suite