The Las Vegas 2013 Conference is Now Over

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Data Strategy for Your Enterprise

Beyond the Data Warehouse

Do you have an enterprise data strategy? If not, the key business goals that data enables—complete customer views, consistent definitions of financial metrics, up-to-date information for customer service and cross-selling—are probably eluding you. And your business probably isn’t meeting its risk and compliance goals for data, either. At the TDWI World Conference in Las Vegas, we’ll paint the big picture of all the details that go into a successful enterprise data strategy.

We Promise to Deliver:

  • Six days of courses covering a wide range of BI/DW topics, including enterprise data strategies, business analytics, data analysis and design, leadership and management, and data asset management
  • Keynote presentations from Evan Levy (Baseline Consulting) and William McKnight (McKnight Consulting Group)
  • Vendor exhibitions featuring demonstrations of the latest BI/DW solutions from leading companies in the field
  • Opportunities to prepare for and complete BI/DW certification (CBIP) exams

Join us in Las Vegas for six days of in-depth education on data quality, data governance, master data management, data integration, and data warehousing—and how all these disciplines fit into an enterprise data strategy.

Co-Located Event for IT and Business Leaders

TDWI BI Executive Summit

Las Vegas, NV // February 18–20, 2013
Enterprise Data Strategies for Analytics and BI
  • Learn how to deliver data, BI, and analytics that align with business needs 
  • Discover the latest best practices, techniques, and technologies that your BI team needs 
  • Meet and compare notes with fellow BI executives who own, shape, or drive BI programs

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