Data Asset Management, Managing Agile BI for the Enterprise

W7 TDWI Data Virtualization: Solving Complex Data Integration Challenges

September 24th, 2014

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Level: CBIP

Prerequisite: None

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The data integration landscape has changed radically the past few years. What was once a relatively manageable problem of blending and unifying data from enterprise transaction systems has grown to encompass external data, Web data, clickstream data, end-user data, big data, cloud data, and more. New expectations for information-driven business agility further compound the complexities of modern data integration. The ETL-based data warehouse is no longer enough. Data virtualization is a core component of next-generation data integration architectures, techniques, and technology.

Get ready to expand your data integration capabilities, deliver business-speed information, and make the most of recent advances in data integration technology. Through a combination of lecture, exercises, and case study review, you will learn how data virtualization works and how to position it in your data integration architecture and processes.

You will learn

  • Data virtualization definitions and terminology
  • Business case and technical rationale for data virtualization
  • Key concepts and foundational principles of virtualization—views, services, etc.
  • Data virtualization life cycle, capabilities, and processes
  • How to extend the data warehouse with virtualization
  • How virtualization enables federation and enterprise data integration
  • How virtualization is applied to big data and cloud data challenges
  • How companies use virtualization to solve business problems and drive business agility

Geared to

  • BI, MDM, and data warehousing program and project managers; data integration architects, designers, and developers; data and technology architects


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