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Big Data Tipping Point

Preparing for the Practical
Realities of Big Data

Never before has so much data been available for business analysis, including internal, external, structured, and unstructured sources. This data—in all its volume, variety, and velocity—can be the raw material for uncovering critical business insights and opportunities and making smarter, higher-impact decisions faster. It’s become clear that big data has arrived and that it’s here to stay. So how do you plan for it, deal with it, and make use of it?

At the TDWI World Conference in Chicago, we’ll explore the realities and complexities of big data and outline practical steps you can take to deal with the data deluge. You need to get on top of big data, and we'll show you how.

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  • How to build a business case for big data
  • How big data technologies are evolving
  • How to assess your big data maturity
  • The human side of big data
  • Essentials for building your business intelligence foundation

We Promise to Deliver

Join us in Chicago to learn about technologies and practices that can dramatically reduce or even eliminate delays in turning raw information into essential insight. You will learn how to employ big data analytics to become a data-driven, proactive, and predictive organization. View big data courses